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6 G.I. JOBS | JANUARY 2019 | GIJOBS.COM EVERY ISSUE MONTHLY MUSTER DEAR READERS: Even if you have a free ticket to a college degree with the GI Bill, there are challenges to going to school for four years – especially if you have a family to support. A growing number of transition- ing service members and veterans are opting for a different career path: apprenticeships. Participants get paid to learn a skill or trade by actually performing the job, not just reading about it. There is often classroom instruction, but on-the- job training is the key feature of apprenticeships. Aaron Taylor, the Iraq veteran who appears on this month's cover, earned more than $18 an hour when he started an apprenticeship as an ironworker in 2015. Three years later, he was making $31.04 an hour as his ap- prenticeship neared the finish line. Service members and veterans can also use their GI Bill to draw a monthly housing allowance while they train. Granted, it decreases as the apprenticeship program progresses, but that's offset by the increasing pay. Apprenticeships span more than 1,000 occupations, including ca- reers in health care, cybersecurity, information technology and energy with employers like Amazon, Microsoft, GM, Nestle, Tesla and UPS † . Read about this remarkable career path on page 14. We also explore civilian careers in the financial services industry, beginning on page 20. Don't miss the great interview tips on page 12, or the article on page 24 that highlights four amazing jobs requiring only an associate de- gree. To find more job and education resources, news and entertainment, visit GIJobs.com . Best of luck, EARN WHILE YOU LEARN Mike Stevens Publisher 13th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (Ret.) U.S. Navy, 33 years Better for Veterans: Read the white paper that urges institutions to commit to being "Better for Veterans" in their policies, programs and practices. Betterforveterans.org Publisher Mike Stevens Vice President of Operations Sean McAlister Vice President of Business Development Scott Shaw PRODUCTION Managing Editor Dan Fazio Art Director Edgar Reynolds Contributing Writers Andrea Lovas, Marty Levine, Shane Christopher, Natalie Oliverio, Dan Swanson, Tim Malloy, Matt Cates, Andrea Peck, Sara Hodon Senior Digital Strategist Daniel Caliguire Senior Marketing Operations Manager Justin Pearson Programmatic Campaign Manager Alysha Tuma Programmatic Campaign Manager Jordan Atchison Digital Marketing Coordinator Tim Malloy Digital Marketing Specialist Ethan Merritt Marketing Operations Specialist Tori Mason Digital Media Analyst Thomas Strock Digital Marketing Assistant Audrey Liberati CIRCULATION Customer Service Manager Courtney Miller ADVERTISING Sales Manager Darryl Williams Strategic Partnership Manager Kayla Lopez Strategic Partnership Manager Aimee Dennison Strategic Partnership Manager Greg Hough Strategic Partnership Manager Candace Hicks Strategic Partnership Manager Lisa Conway G.I. JOBS MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY VIQTORY in conjunction with GIJobs.com MilitaryFriendly.com Military Spouse magazine MilitarySpouse.com TO SUBSCIBE TO G.I. JOBS MAGAZINE Subscription Rate: $19.95/year or $11.95 for six months. Send a check or money order to G.I. Jobs magazine, 420 Rouser Road, Bldg. 3 Suite 101, Moon Township, PA 15108. Or visit us online at www.gijobs.com. G.I. Jobs magazine (ISSN 1545-9527) is published monthly by VIQTORY, 420 Rouser Road, Bldg. 3, Suite 101, Moon Township, PA 15108. The inclusion of advertising is considered a service to subscribers and is not an endorsement of products or concurrence with advertising claims. Copyright ©2001-2018 by VIQTORY. No part of the contents of this magazine may be reproduced by any means without the permission of VIQTORY. VIQTORY is an independent, veteran-owned publisher and is not affiliated with or sponsored by the U.S. military. VIQTORY is certified as a Service-Disabled Veteran's Business Enterprise® by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association. † Company is a paid client.

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